What is PIGAS?

The aim of the program, established in 2011, is to inform and help foreigners about work and study opportunities in Germany as well as to help people who need treatment in German clinics in a professional manner. We have deeply examined relevant legislations and documents in this regard. Based on our experience and personal contacts, we provide professional service to tackle bureaucratic barriers. In the past three years more than 800 of applicants got chance to study and work at German universities and institutions thanks to this program.

Only by means of this program one could be admitted to German universities without facing any major problem and barriers in a short period of time. Our program managers are very skilled and very aware of all types of procedures on offered services. We could arrange your admission as soon as possible jointly with our team of experts based in Germany.
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Since its establishment, PIGAS has gained widespread popularity due to its professional service and has been multiplying numbers of experts to provide fast-track solutions. Our portfolio is a reference to our vision.

Why you should work with us:

Help and Guidance in every Step

Our services are offered in form of packages. When you purchase any of them, we will assist and accompany you in every stage.

If you want to grasp a better picture of how our system works, infographics could help you better understand. Check out
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Simple, Beautiful and Perfect Application System

Our online application system is at your service to accelerate implementation of procedure. Basic interface and instant application form enables easy data interchange.

If you have decided to study or work in Germany, it is a good time to apply. ↪ Go to Online Application

Lots of Information and Resources

You could access to all articles through this page. Valuable and hard-to-find answers to frequently asked questions are posted and constantly updated on our site.

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Serving you in your own country, also physically

Our services are both in the form of offline and online. Our office based in Germany is always at your service.

We are planning to open additional offices in few other countries. You only need to e-mail us to arrange an appoinment. ↪ See our offices around the world

Ready to Apply?

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