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Heidelberger scientist has been awarded with Nobel Prize

The Heidelberger Scientist Stefan Hell gets as one of three scientists this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This was announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.


Stefan Hell works for the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. He heads the department since 2003, “Optical nanoscopy”. He is also the Director at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. Hell was graduated ​​in the 80s in Ludwigshafen from high school and then studied physics in Heidelberg and habilitated there. He shares the Nobel Prize with the two U.S. researchers Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner.

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Top universities in Germany

There are more than 400 universities in Germany. But which are top Universities? German Government started a few years ago so-called “Excellence Initiative” to find out best Universities in Germany and award them.


Since 2008 they announce every year if there are new universities to be added to the top liga. Till now there 11 Top university and 3 Follow-ups. These Universities are also ranked in the first 150 top universities in world by Times University Rankings list. Here in this picture you can see these top universities:

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10 Great Reasons to study in Germany this Year

If you are reading this article by browsing our website, you have probably already considered studying in Germany and heard of education in Germany. Here are the ten advantages of studying in Germany:


1. High quality higher education: Given the results of some researches and the German quality perspective, German high education is considered to be one of the top quality educations in the world, alongside with American and British. German universities are deemed as world leaders in medicine and engineering.

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Which university should you choose in Germany?

There are more than 400 German universities which stand out from other European countries for their quality. One of the peculiarities of these universities is they are distinguished here according to distinctive status and specialization areas. We are going to speak about this issue on this writing.


High quality universities spread to 175 cities of Germany providing education programs on more than 17000 study area. Although quality status of all universities are the same, some universities became specialized on certain areas. Therefore you should take it into account while choosing university.

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Life in Germany

Probably you aware of advantages of living in Germany. Now we will speak about life in Germany and perspectives of immigrant intellectuals.


Even if it sounds banally three words stated about Germans- high quality, order and discipline defines Germans and Germany .You can see this qualities while walking around Germany and you will find out no matter it is small village or town everything is in high order.

When you first arrive in Germany you could find how it is difficult to be stranger here. If you are not perfectionist some regulations could seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize that how the perfect system it is and you get used to it by time. If you are not perfectionist some regulations may seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize how perfectthe system is and you will get used to it by time.

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How to get German Medical License aka Approbation

No matter if you are going to work as an assistant doctor at residency or as a specialist doctor, you should first get medical license called “Approbation” in Germany in any case.


Is medical license necessary for residency?

According to the Law on Foreign Physician Recognition, all foreign physicians who want to work in Germany should have medical lisense the same as locals. Students in Germany receive this license right after their graduation.

Foreign physicians should pass an exam calld “Kenntnisprüfung” in German for the recognition of their diploma received outside Germany and for getting their medical license. The infograpic below shows eight steps which you must take to study residency in Germany:

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How to finance your education in Germany

Another advantage of studying in Germany is universities here are either non paid or low cost. Besides this a lot of scholarship programs offer stipends to students.


There are several types of scholarships:

Political scholarship programs: There are scholarship programs of many political parties whether represented in German parliament or not . Main requirement here to give support to political views of these parties and promote them. If you have good GPA you can get these scholarships quite easily.

Economic scholarship progams: These programs are offered by huge companies operating in Germany. Generally awarded to successful students and job vacancies are kept in stand by for these students. After graduation these students are provided with job by these companies. This is the best choice for international students who want to build up their career and come from low-income families .

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