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Which university should you choose in Germany?

There are more than 400 German universities which stand out from other European countries for their quality. One of the peculiarities of these universities is they are distinguished here according to distinctive status and specialization areas. We are going to speak about this issue on this writing.


High quality universities spread to 175 cities of Germany providing education programs on more than 17000 study area. Although quality status of all universities are the same, some universities became specialized on certain areas. Therefore you should take it into account while choosing university.

There are 4 types of universities in Germany :

1. Universities: These universities are operating under government and give research based education. These group of universities are main figures of German science. Since the latest achievements in science are obtained and applied to studies in this type of universities.Some universities in this group also specialized on certain areas. For example no matter that there are also other departments in Aachen Technical University, this university is specialized on engineering, while Hannover University major on medicine and Köln on physical training.

2. Applied Science Universities: These universities generally based on practise. Here students along with their studies also working on related jobs. For example cosmology students in Aachen Applied Sciences university along with their study work and gain practise of making cosmic ship in European Cosmic Agency.

3. Fine arts, film and music academies: Apparently vary from others these type of universities give education on certain areas. Being the cradle of famous compositors and artists with its 53 Fine Art Academies the most superior fine art education is studied in this country.

4. The number of these universities gradually increases: Even though entry requirements to these universities is not too tough education is always paid here. Now there are about 100 private universities in Germany.

While choosing university be careful to opt the most suitable one for your requirements and future career goals.If you are indeterminate about your choice our staff is always ready to answer your questions.

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