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Program on German Application service (PIGAS) announces high-quality, broad-spectrum language courses in different cities of Germany all year round certificates of which are acknowledged by higher schools.

Regardless of profession, academic purpose and language knowledge, everyone can participate in the German language courses. Registering in language courses in Germany you not only learn language better in a short term, but also get opportunity to visit surrounding cities and travel to countries such as Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Denmark at the weekends. Besides, you will get opportunity to widen your world view by contacting people from different nationalities and getting acquainted with their culture. As well as you can enjoy and get pleasure while studying.

In Germany in most faculties language of instruction is German. Besides this, the most important condition for university admission is language skills. That’s why, the first thing to do for everyone who wants to go to Germany is to study this language. Of course, you can study German in your own country as well. However, you will be able to study the language more quickly and easily in language courses of Germany.

3 main reasons to study the language in Germany:

You need to learn German language from German people. Here you get opportunity of studying at the best courses teaching German. Does not matter how good German is taught in Azerbaijan, language level studied for higher education does not satisfy future students and causes troubles in the future. As the instructors of the courses here are Germans, the best option is learning from them. For many years these courses were the best way for foreigners to study German, and they are professionals of their job.

Learn the language living it. By attending a course in Germany, you will practise it not only during course hours, but also in daily life. Germans that you will communicate in your daily life will play great role in studying specifics of language.

Have fun while studying. While attending a language course you will learn about culture and everyday life of the people where you live in and the days which you spent there will play great role in formation of your worldview and you will get benefit from memorable practice. Besides, as Germany is situated in the very center of Europe and have open borders with other European countries, you will get opportunity to travel to France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium in your leisure time.

PIGAS – “Program on International German Application Service” provides the application service for the applicants, who wants to study in German educational institutions and work there. You can check out Why you should work with us and How system works for detailed informations about our Services.

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