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Life in Germany

Probably you aware of advantages of living in Germany. Now we will speak about life in Germany and perspectives of immigrant intellectuals.


Even if it sounds banally three words stated about Germans- high quality, order and discipline defines Germans and Germany .You can see this qualities while walking around Germany and you will find out no matter it is small village or town everything is in high order.

When you first arrive in Germany you could find how it is difficult to be stranger here. If you are not perfectionist some regulations could seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize that how the perfect system it is and you get used to it by time. If you are not perfectionist some regulations may seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize how perfectthe system is and you will get used to it by time.

Cultural aspects

Although that punctuality and discipline is very important in this country there is no reason not having fun. German also like entartainment in the same time. In different times of year depending on your location various festivals and events are held.

There are numerous entertainment venues in Germany.After Berlin Wall fall German community undergoed alterations and new form of youth generation appeared which keen on US youth but also look out for German values at the same time.

Find accomodation

While renting apartment in Germany it should be mentioned that not like other countries sometimes here houses are rented in full empty condition.It would be on your own benefit to speak these details with your household in advance.

All houses are rented out on tenance agreement in Germany.All aspects should be agreed with household and included in contract to avoid any potential problems.

As a rule households will ask you to pay 2 months security deposit before moving. If you caused any damage when you leave house this would be indemnified by the deposit you have paid and residiual amount would be refunded to you then.

It is important to follow some rules while living in German houses. As a general rule making such noise that could upset neighbours is not permitted after 10.00 pm. As well as you should keep silence after 8 pm on Saturdays and all day long on Sundays.

Barbecue making should be agreed with apartment warden in advance. You should get permission to use apartment yard .Details like these is very important in Germany otherwise you could meet police officers in front of your door.

Medical insurance

One of the advantages of living here is inexpensive medical insurance opportunities.While comparing to other countries medical insurances usually fully reimburses all immediate treatments .There are also a range of medical insurances such as public and private . If you want to get prioritisation in hospitals and to be treated by senior physician private insurance is more suitable for you.

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