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How to finance your education in Germany

Another advantage of studying in Germany is universities here are either non paid or low cost. Besides this a lot of scholarship programs offer stipends to students.


There are several types of scholarships:

Political scholarship programs: There are scholarship programs of many political parties whether represented in German parliament or not . Main requirement here to give support to political views of these parties and promote them. If you have good GPA you can get these scholarships quite easily.

Economic scholarship progams: These programs are offered by huge companies operating in Germany. Generally awarded to successful students and job vacancies are kept in stand by for these students. After graduation these students are provided with job by these companies. This is the best choice for international students who want to build up their career and come from low-income families .

Scholarships given by German government: Some local states offers motivational scholarships to the internal university students . The students whose financial state is not good can apply for specific state scholarships.Poor condition of family should be confirmed by notary .

Scholarships given by your home country to study in Germany: Currently some state education ministries award scholarships to their citizens who study in Germany. Some of these countries are Kazakhstan, Saudia and Azerbaijan. So if you would like to study in Germany check availability of scholarship in your home country..
As example to such kind of institutions church foundations can be stated. Some churches give scholarships to christian students.
Scientific research institutions There are huge research instutions in Germany that award scholarships to hundreds of students without remuneration. Bunlara Humboldt Foundation, German Research Foundation .Some of them are Humboldt Foundation, German Research Foundation and etc

Charity associations scholarships: These type of foundations are mostly financed by charity communities. Needy and competent students can get scholariships from these foundations.

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