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Master’s programs in German universities are the most attractive in Europe because there are over 200 programs offered. Scientists, researchers, and students rush to these universities because they are famous for their quality, discipline, and education level.

Advantages of study in Germany:

The most advantageous side of earning a master‘s in Germany is that you get an internationally recognized diploma and expanded job opportunities due to high prestige of these universities. More than 400 universities in Germany offer Master’s programs. Most of these universities get high rankings worldwide.

There are several Nobel Prize winners who teach Master’s level courses on their area of expertise, and you can get the opportunity to interact with them.
Studying in Germany will provide you a great cultural experience and open up your horizons.

Germany is currently the most developed country in Europe, and living and studying there gives its residents incomparable advantages. Working for advanced scientific institutions is more accessible in Germany. Most bachelor’s and master’s programs are provided free of charge or at very low cost for a world-class education.

There are several scholarship programs in Germany for higher education.You can study and finance both your living expenses and tuition fees there with scholarships. For additional information about scholarships, click here or make a consultation appointment with our staff.

Who can study for a Master‘s degree?

The main condition of studying for a master‘s in Germany is graduation from a relevant bachelor‘s degree program. Master‘s programs are available in both English and German. In some cases, both language skills are required.

TOEFL and IELTS certificates are accepted as evidence of English language proficiency. If your undergraduate study was held totally in English, most universities do not require language certificates. For German speakers, either TestDaF, DSH, or Goethe diplomas and certificates are required. Language level requirements vary depending on the program and university. In some cases, especially for technical subjects, GMAT and GRE certificates are also required. It takes one to two years to earn a Master’s degree in German universities (2 or 4 semesters).

Key criterias for postgraduate admission are academic achievement during undergraduate study and work experience in the intended area.

PIGAS – “Program on International German Application Service” provides the application service for the applicants, who wants to study in German educational institutions and work there. You can check out Why you should work with us and How system works for detailed informations about our Services.

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