Treatment in Germany


In some countries medical system is not in a high level, therefore there arise a need for going to more professional clinics and doctors. Germany is in the first rank on the world for its advanced and modern clinics along with America and Japan.

Our program cooperates with most developed clinics of Europe and arranges the treatment of diseases, which are incurable or not treated in your country. Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases are included in our services. We will pick you from your house, hospitalize in clinic and take care of you.

There is a treatment for every disease!

You can be treated for very low price in Europe from many illnesses which are incurable or not treated in your country. Our program will assist you with this. Many people have been treated successfully from following diseases:

1. Cancer and Sarcomas

2. Nevi (big moles)

3. Hard heart – vascular operation

4. Hollywood smile

5. Many diseases causing the blindness

6. Incurable infection diseases

7. Continuous headache and joint pain etc.


Treatment without precise diagnosis is impossible in Europe. We should be sure of your diagnosis before planning your treatment .We recommend you entrust investigation of your illness to European specialists. The diagnosis identified by latest technologies in these clinics gives opportunity to start treatment definitely.

PIGAS team will assist your diagnosis proceedings have taken in the most developed European clinics.

PIGAS – “Program on International German Application Service” provides the application service for the applicants, who wants to study in German educational institutions and work there. You can check out Why you should work with us and How system works for detailed informations about our Services.

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