Work in Germany


Growing economy leds to generation of new job places in Germany. Local citizens of Germany is decreasing rapidly thats why a lot of companies seeking for new employees. With coordination of our program you could get hired into high paid jobs in Germany.

There is a great need for engineers, scientists , and physicians. It is too easy to find high paid jobs in these areas.

How to find a job in Germany ?

First of all our experts are ready for consultation at any time. Besides this various information about these issues are posted to our site. Following our site will avail therein.

You can do initial search on the internet by yourself. If you have difficulties to find job we can assist you.

Who is allowed to work in Germany?

No matter what is your nationality and occupation according to latest local legislation anyone can work in Germany. You need only meet requirements of your workplace (language skills , theoretical and practical knowledge) After getting job you can get a residence permit in Germany by EU Blue Card and start working here. If you would like you can get citizenship and permanent residence after few years.

What is the conditions of recruitment in Germany?

The main condition of getting job here is to have any occupation.If you have got higher education in order to get job you should have your diploma recognized. This especially related to lawyers and physicians.In areas such as bussiness , economics and engineering companies give special attention to knowledge rather than diplomas ,sometimes they may test you during interviews.

You should know:

  • You will have medical insurance while working here. In any case of disease your payments for treatment will be reimbursed.

  • While working in Germany you should pay income tax. If you are not married then it could be 20-30% of your income.

  • After getting a job in Germany you would get permission to bring your family. They are not obliged to know German language like you. In Germany you should know the languages which included in your job requirements. For example if you are hired as engineer at Siemens and your language of instruction is English then you are not obliged to know German. But it is reccomended to learn German for living here. 123 million people in 6 country over Europe speak German.

PIGAS – “Program on International German Application Service” provides the application service for the applicants, who wants to study in German educational institutions and work there. You can check out Why you should work with us and How system works for detailed informations about our Services.

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